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The singular sound beatbuddy is compact simple and sounds great

I pulled it out of box plugged it in and was jamming. I have a small P. A. I run mine into and at a very low volume(apartment life) I’m able to play entire songs. I use to have a programmable drum machine but spent more time building a song then I wanted.this is simple at a decent price. Helped with my timing for playing at open jams,and could use it for recording if your like me.

by: Rick

Love this thing!

The BeatBuddy Mini is everything I was expecting and is the perfect solution for what I needed it for. The drums sound a lot more real than the Digitech Trio that I purchased a while ago and this has more options. I would recommend this to anyone for practice or for performing live.

by: Stan

Good sounds in a box

Great for solo artists and for practice. Sounds great through the PA. Intuitive.

by: M. Alan Johnson

I’m amazed! Singular Sound is onto something.

The BeatBuddy Mini Drum machine is well worth the minuscule price I paid. It’s the size of a typical FX pedal but with big sound!
Easy to read LED with tons of genres and sub-genres within those. Also contain tempo, time signature & “pulsing” light traveling across the screen to visually count out the beats, keeping you in sync with the count.
I’m very impressed with the variety of genres and sub-ganres available to the musician. The BeatBuddy even has “Brush”, “Beat Box” & “Techno” if your more interested in that style. I love the “Metal” & Prog beats.

The switch is the tried and true “old style” switch but without the “click”. Very easy to activate.

Simple to hook up. Comes with a quick start guide that I didn’t need to use. Best sound when plugged into a “Flat” powered source like an aux in, PA, Etc but can be placed at the end of your FX line going into your guitar amp. (I don’t recommend this just because the typical amp for guitars doesn’t cover the frequencies that a drum kit does, but it still works.)

The only complaint I can find is that if you turn the knob for the selection of beats too fast, it can skip a selection or go backwards instead of forwards (Thus the 41/2 stars). Just don’t rush the control.

I plug mine into an input jack of my recorder and use it to lay down drum trks for songs I’m creating. With the BeatBuddy’s fills, transitions & clear LED, it’s pretty easy to lay down verses and throw in fills with a stomp (touch) of the switch or shift into full sounding choruses just by holding the button down until you’re ready to go to the chorus.

by: Mike

A very useful tool I bought this to use at home while playing by myself and writing/jamming

This is very handy for improving your timing if you play guitar alone a lot, and also for seeing how something you’re working on sounds with some drums. The sounds aren’t studio-level quality, but very satisfactory for jamming/writing. There’s plenty of genres and kits, and I found it pretty easy to get comfortable switching between between Intro/Outro, drum fill, transition. It’s definitely worth branching out into other genres.



than a boring metronome!

by: Kumar

If your looking for something to practice

Along with to stay on top with this is it perfect for travel, recording and to stay on top of your ideas!! Perfect for recording and comes with a ton of options!!

by: Junior

Loads of fun

You can hear a song emerge in your head just listening to it.

by: Al

He loves it.

This was a christmas gift for my son

by: Lisa