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Congratulations on bringing the music world this amazing product!

My name is Jim Leonard. I have been a professional musician for about 50 years (keyboard and bass). In all those years I have owned many drum boxes (Alesis, Yamaha, and Roland). I gave up on them because of the complexity of use. The end result of hours of programming  yielded  mechanical results at best.
This new product, the BeatBuddy, addresses so many of the problems associated with a rhythm unit- one of which is live performance. The fills never came at the right time no matter how much careful programming was applied! Not a problem with the BB. No matter when one presses the pedal, the unit calculates the right amount of fill.
The percussion/drum sounds are first rate and the programs realistic in feel.Now I always have a great drummer to compose and jam with. The construction of the BB is first rate; so is the footswitch. Yes, you sent the adapter and a stereo cord as well!  Ready to go. Much appreciated!!

Jim Leonard; pianist, organist, composer and educator.

Simply-Thank you

I’m glad that technology has caught up to all of our needs when it comes to drums. Although i have had the pleasure of working with some world class drummers live and in the studio i still hate most drummers and their attitudes…so far to a point i learned how to play drums and now have two kits myself. You have given me a true gift that will help in songwriting and just having fun. Hopefully this product will instruct drummers to become better.

I realize that if it wasn’t for good drummers this product would suck like many others. Thanks for taking the leap and i wish you continued success with your business and with your music.

Job well done.

by:Brant Scott

Hello BeatBuddy Team

I received my beat buddy a few hours ago and, just want to say thanks for this very cool product. It took me about 10 minutes to pretty much figure out how to make it play patterns.
And WOW was I impressed. I am leaving for a short trip and it came just in time for me to have fun with it. In fact I’m taking it and some headphones with me.

by: L&R Philthy

Thank you very much for making my dream a reality and within a reasonable time.

I just tested some beats and I love it.  I put it side by side with the Digitech Trio and the quality of the drum sounds via my mixer kicks the Digitech Trio’s butt.  Chances are that the Trio will go back to where it came from.  Even their intelligence creating songs in drums and bass is tarnished by their boring sounds.  Also, their song possibilities sound weird to me.  The bass is really bad too, it sounds like coming from a sound card of the 80s.
Please add some real bass to the Beat buddy to make the package complete and even other instruments would be good too, so you can turn on or off at will, but please retain the quality of real life samples.
The other suggestion I have is to add to the software a “Legend” type of library where the customer can pick to sound like….examples…Zeppelin, Osborne, G&R and so on.  Personally, I would like to pretend that I am playing with the legends and their tones.  I can handle the guitar part with all the effects I have, but if you factor the other instruments when playing a cover song, that would be amazing.
Again, thanks for coming true on the delivery of my beat buddy and the t-shirt that is supposed to come shortly.

by: Daniel Silva

Amazing !!!!!

Hi there, I have my Beat buddy now for a few hours and I’m blown off my socks. What a wonderful device. So intuitive and easy to use. Terrific sound quality.
I’m very excited. Great job !


Now I’m digging in your software so I have to go 🙂 🙂 🙂

First of all I’m an amateur guitar player, aged 57.  My dealer is Keymusic in Belgium. The’re the best. Good advice and excellent service. A few weeks ago I was looking at my dealers website. There I found under “coming soon” the BeatBuddy. After some research on your website I was very interested. I hate real drum machines and the fact that the Beat Buddy was a pedal convinced me to pre-order one. And I don’t regret it for one split second. I even dream about it 🙂 and think further : what about a Bass Buddy connected and synced via midi with the BeatBuddy. It’s just an idea.


I’m not surprised at all that you took the award!!

I purchased BeatBuddy and received just before Christmas and it is everything that is advertised and way more!!  Every-time I plugged the axe in and fire up the Beat Buddy, I swear there’s a drummer in the room!
I have a couple of amps, a Fender Twin-65 and a Vox AC30. I run BeatBuddy through the Vox and the axe through the Fender Twin and voila!!…my own private studio band!!
I wish we had this technology back in the day (60’s garage band era)!! Simply an amazing product!

by: Noel Evers

Are you going to take this to the stock market?

If you do will you let us know? Even my wife says I am sounding great now when I practice. It is what everyone needs especially when they start to learn music. If you go public or should I say when you go public and sell this around the world I want in. Please please please!
You guys deserve all the praise you are receiving. I love my BeatBuddy.
Don’t forget me. =) And the Beat Buddy goes on and on and on and on. Yea Baby!

by:Stephen Budge

Hi Folks, I am a true believer in this wondrous device.

I have tried every pedal, machine, device over the years. I have been a part of working bands, duos, and lately have started a serious effort at solo work. I am not a trained guy but have a lot of experience. I have primarily been a rhythm player (with some disciplined but decent lead work) and front man/vocalist.

There are SO many songs I’ve stylized for solo work that everyone tells me they like … but they have lacked that rhythm ‘push’ behind me. Adding drums has given me the extra drive and fill required to perform songs such as Steve Miller’s “Fly Like An Eagle” as a solo and, given a bit of restructure, they sound pretty darn good!

Finally… FINALLY someone has created a drum device for mere mortals. I got soooooo tired of tweaking knobs, reading technical manuals, and subsequently having to start over if I hadn’t used the ###@ whatever in a couple of weeks. Music is my hobby and passion but not my day job. For example, I have a Pod XT with 8 gazillion effects and also has drum effects. If I played out every weekend and had hours and hours to wrestle with the damn thing, I might be better. Instead, I have gone back to my old, reliable pedals + the BeatBuddy.

I play a Koa Taylor with a passive pickup, I have a set of pedals on a board (delay, reverb, chorus, distortion, and compression as well as a Ditto looper. I play thru a variety of PAs or 2 Bose towers I have and drive the BeatBuddy thru its own channel on a mixer. This way I have volume control at hand in case one setting is too high or low. Works out very, very well. Next up is getting the Ditto coordinated with the BeatBuddy so I can confidently do overlays live. Takes some work but it is a blast just sitting in my home studio and trying it out. Like many guitarists, when I’ve played live I get the adrenaline thing going and sometimes I’m in runaway train mode as I speed up … no more.
Thanks for the paradigm shift in usability not to mention the great sound. For me, it’s been a miracle!  

by: Mike Biere, Guitarist/Vocalist for … Bridge Street Duo & Strange Brew, & soloist

Can’t live without this thing!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how pleased I am with my BB. This is an amazing tool, that has made me an immeasurably better guitar player. My rang 3, and my BB have turned me into a one man band that has me considering playing out for the first time in over 25 years. You guys rock! Thank you!

by: William F Woodward

Hey guys. Just wanted to pass along how much I enjoy and use my BeatBuddy.

I just released a 11 song digital CD on link below and will be out to all distribution outlets 1 June 2015. Some songs I just let the beat buddy provide the beat but others like Bad News, Pie In The Sky, and Real Deal, I used all the features.
I’m a one man band and the one issue that has always givin me trouble was the drums and my Beat Buddy has been a God send. It’s allowed me to open up my musical world and I wanted to pass this along. Thank you BeatBuddy!

by:Dave Laib

BeatBuddy on the Streets

First off…. I have owned dozens of drum machines over the past 40 years, with my first one being a Roland Drum Line, pre midi/with sync. LOL ,  I’ve owned a Drumulator, Samplers, software, and so on… none of these were designed for performance, in the respect of being ‘fluid’… being able to go back to verse one, etc. is just a dream come true.
Your product is the best! really…

I use it in church as a worship leader, which is one of the best places for it, as it is in this style of music (contemporary Christian) that flexibility is required. It is common to ‘hang’ on a bridge for a while, or go back and repeat verses, etc.  BeatBuddy works flawlessly in this application.

I also am a street musician. and this is the real reason I needed this unit.  The only drawback was that it didn’t run on batteries, which my entire set up, PA, and so on is running off batteries.  So, I decided to buy a Duracell Power Pig to power the BeatBuddy.  It works great!!!!  I need no hydro for my setup.

Anyway, “Buddy” as I affectionately call him, is awesome!!!  Aside from the OnSong software I use on my iPad, Buddy is the best purchase I’ve ever made. And after 15 years as a record producer/studio owner, and many performing bands and hundreds of solo gigs… that’s a lot of gear I’ve owned. I wanted to share this, YouTube video with you of my street performances, just some snippets, and in there, you will actually see shots of my feet, and Buddy.

Thanks so much for making such a fantastic product!

by: Kevin

The BeatBuddy is amazing! I can barely put it down to eat!

The only thing I can gripe about is that the foot switch should accent with cymbal AND bass drum at the same time. Maybe it can do that and I just haven’t played with it enough but if it doesn’t…
That’s the next upgrade you need to make to make it perfect!!! Otherwise this product is exactly what I needed and will make playing live with just one person and a loop station finally possible for amateur musicians like myself.  I love to invent stuff on the fly in real time and this pedal makes it possible for just one person.  Keep up the good work with this product!

by: Mike

LOL Oh, and did I mention BB can count to 4 IN EQUALLY SPACED INCREMENTS!!!!

I like using BB through a separate keyboard amp (Roland KC-550 with a subwoofer out to a bass amp underneath it) set directly behind us, right where a drummer would normally be, in duo/trio situations. Sounds a lot like a drummer behind a drum shield, since the snare and cymbals aren’t always killing us on a small stage.
It really feels/sounds very natural, to the point sometimes you almost forget you’re using BB. (Except when BB is late for the gig, or drunk, forgot his stick bag, or in a bad mood because he’s fighting with his girlfriend who is at the gig, also drunk, and trying to make BB jealous by dancing with other guys, after getting in an argument with the club owner about why SHE doesn’t get a discount since she’s “part of the band”… Oh wait that’s not BB, that’s the drummer that BB replaced!!!!!!)


Great product! Stellar Customer Service! This baby is built sturdily.

It gets a lot of hits from me and has never even hinted at missing a beat. I’m almost 62 and had just about given up on my playing days. I bought this pedal as a curiosity item, and boy, has it renewed my interest in playing again. I even have built up callouses again like when I was 20! It’s a tad spendy, but find a way to get one.
One thing to note – To get a full range sound, don’t try to play it through a regular amp. Find something with a good frequency range, like an old stereo…seriously. What I have done for this bad boy is to buy a Harbinger APS-15 15″ powered PA speaker with an on-board mixer and 5-band eq. I got it online from GC for $149 and it mates perfectly with the BeatBuddy. I can’t say enough about my BeatBuddy, so I’ll shut up now and go play.

by: Kelly

It truly is an excellent product with awesomeness written over every aspect.

I very recently purchased the Beatbuddy. We used to have a Alesis sr16, it did what it was designed to do but grew old in a hurry.
When I saw the Beatbuddy on YouTube I watched about every video out there. I was very impressed. Of course agreeing with everyone else the sounds and reality of the drums was over the top.
My wife and I pastor a small church in the central Florida area. Not only the pastors but the praise and worship team as well.
I cannot tell you how things have changed with the Beatbuddy. I play guitar, my wife the congas.
But i wanted to compliment you on just a little more than an awesome product,  which I believe stands alone, one of a kind.
You have put forth on the market a product of the utmost excellence. The moment I opened the box it was reflected in the box, the packing of the product but with everything  else you provide with this machine.
Thank you we will enjoy it for a long time.

by: Pastor Steve Akers – Word and Power Ministries

Thanks for helping turn my dream into reality!  You guys ROCK.

Just received the email about naming your BeatBuddy. And yes, I have! In fact I received my Beat Buddy on the 2nd round of pre-orders two years ago and had always intended to consider it the fourth member of my band. We are called Dear Jon, & the Whale Riders and I recently put  together a website to showcase what we’re doing and try to land more gigs. We’ve had a profile page on GigMasters for almost a year and recently were hired to play two events for Mile High Harley Davidson!!
So my BeatBuddy is Jonathon and we introduce him as part of the band! I came up with a whole  back-story that I think you’ll really like!! So please check out these links and see what ya’ think.
P.S. I have a Boss RC-300 on my Pedaltrain Grande’ board which I use to record the rhythm guitar parts in real time and then transition from verse, chorus, solo section, etc.. while managing the Beat Buddy and singing. It took a TON of practice but it’s really coming together! See for yourself.

by:Kohl Aldjo

Thanks for making this amazing product.

Thank you, BeatBuddy.  Thank you Beat Buddy team.  If it wasn’t for your amazing product, I would not have the band in the links below.

Because of the Beat Buddy, I was able to stay sharp and ready.  I was able to program songs so that I could have live, dynamic, tightly structured recordings of my music. These recordings were used for eleven songs to get this project going.  Eleven songs that are our first songs of many to come.  I was able to give these recordings to interested musicians so that they could work independently between rehearsals, since my life is not structured well for regular, standard rehearsal schedules.  This allowed me to work with musicians without a drummer, and to give a drummer a tight version of my songs to bounce off of.  Fortunately, I was able to find like-minded people willing to participate in this effort.
Without the BeatBuddy, this concept of independent rehearsal would have been far more difficult; more likely, impossible. I still rehearse with the BeatBuddy and we have a new song on the way that was a free jam with the BeatBuddy when the drummer was not available one night.

I still bring the BeatBuddy to every rehearsal in case we would need it for the night.  The BeatBuddy is always in my bag and I consider it an important part of my regular gear.
Here are links to my newly released band, powered up by BeatBuddy.

Direct Video Link

Best wishes,

by:Darren Lee Richardson