You’ll never worry about

having a reliable drummer!

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  • Total control of the rhythm
  • No programming necessary
  • Samples of professional drummers
  • Built-in algorithm that’s always on beat
  • Store over 3 Million Songs

The BeatBuddy allows you to add accent hits, fills, transitions, and outros with full live control.

  • I want a BeatBuddy. I want it now!

    Yngwie Malmsteen
    Yngwie Malmsteen
  • I like it a lot. Great idea.

    Steve Vai
    Steve Vai
  • I love the BeatBuddy! I practice with it on the road all the time!

    Mike Inez
    Mike Inez Alice in Chains
  • BeatBuddy grooves, man! He's my new drummer!

    Phil Chen
    Phil Chen Rod Stewart
  • Anyone who wants to become a better musician needs to get a BeatBuddy.

    Doug Wimbish
    Doug Wimbish Living Colour
  • BeatBuddy sounds good. REALLY good.

    Adrian Belew
    Adrian Belew King Crimson & Nine Inch Nails
  • BeatBuddy is excellent. Very well done!

    Ulf Ekberg
    Ulf Ekberg Ace of Base


• Live control of the beat, hands-free
• No programming necessary
• Visual Metronome
• MIDI Sync
• Use with guitar, piano, harmonica, or any electric or acoustic instrument



• 10 unique drum sets
• 24 diverse genres
• 220+ styles
• All time signatures



• Add up to 300 drum sets
• Add up to 3 million songs
• Create with our free software
• Download from the Premium Library
• Share on the Forum!



• True stereo sound
• Award-winning authenticity
• Studio-quality 24-bit sound
• Non-quantized (feels human, not mechanical)
• Beats are samples of professional drummers
• Works with any sound system, including headphones

  • We’ve never tested a product that is as innovative as the BeatBuddy.

    American Blues Scene
    American Blues Scene

music tool
of the last

Hear the Music

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A drum Machine
for Musicians,
not Technicians

The BeatBuddy is a pedal and drum machine combo that gives performers complete control over the beat while playing live. So while you play your instrument, you also have control over the drums.

We live-sampled professional drummers at full dynamic range to give BeatBuddy its authentic and organic sounds. When you hear the drum patterns and start to control them live, it’s truly like a human drummer playing along with you.

And just like signaling your drummer, you can easily get BeatBuddy switch it up. Our built-in algorithm makes sure that BeatBuddy is always on time, no matter what, so you can focus on becoming a ROCK GOD.

No two performances are exactly the same and the controls could not be easier.

The Story

  • The possibilities are endless.

    Gear Gods
    Gear Gods


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  • Makes the entire process of beat creation and sharing very seamless.

    Trend Hunter
    Trend Hunter

Craft Your Own Beats

Easily get new content for your BeatBuddy. 

The included Singular Sound Studio (PC/Mac) makes it easy to get new content for your BeatBuddy. Browse our library, use your own files, or share creations with our community.

A universe of content is at your disposal. Find custom drum sets, get cover songs, or create your own.

Can’t come up with the right fills for your song? Easily rearrange drum patterns that others have created. Just search for fills, narrow down by genre, style, energy level, or any other keywords, and you’ll see thousands of results.

Drag and drop your way into greatness.
  • The BeatBuddy provides Charlie Watts in a box - along with Buddy Rich, Al Jackson, Jr., and John Bonham thrown in for good measure.

    Vintage Guitar Magazine
    Vintage Guitar Magazine

Let’s Be Real, This Drummer is Better

The BeatBuddy Joe, the Drummer
Always be on time. Will be on time… next time.
Won’t ever steal your significant otter. We warned you…
Always ready to jam. Gotta be in the mood, dude.
Won’t steal your drink. Next round’s on you, right?
Will never puke on your favorite instrument. Better have those wipes ready.
Won’t spill beer on your gear. Hope you saved the warranty.
Will never, ever, ever skip on the cowbell. Some people are just stingy.
Will never ask you to carry gear. A five-piece drum set, really? Need we say more?
  • An incredible tool that should be in every guitar player’s arsenal.

    Guitar Girl Mag
    Guitar Girl Mag

You’ve made it this far

There are three great
decisions a person makes in life:

1. Who to marry
2. Where to work
3. Whether or not to buy a BeatBuddy

Make the right call.