This Tiny Pedal has HUGE Sound


  • Explore new styles
  • Feel the soul of rhythm
  • Requires no programming
  • Confidently improvise more
  • Get more out of your lessons
  • Sync up better with other musicians
  • Jam out like a rockstar with your go-to drummer

The BeatBuddy MINI allows you to add accent hits, fills, transitions, and outros with full live control.

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Make Practice Fun

The most

effective way

to improve


The BeatBuddy MINI is a jamming tool that provides music students a partner in crime to learn and experiment with hundreds of styles. It’s like a real drummer, but patient.

Every successful musician knows timing is key to being able to play with others and to convey the emotion of a genre. However, the rhythm of each style of music is more nuanced than any metronome could ever express, which is why the MINI is a dynamic educational tool, helping students not only intellectually understand the music but feel it, too.

Once students’ rhythm is innate, the MINI becomes their improvisational partner, as they take the leap into making music their own.

With a visual metronome, authentic sound, and full control of the beat, emerging rock stars will be empowered to take risks and explore genres without fear, opening their mind to musical worlds that before were only possible with a patient human drummer.

  • “My students have improved more after a few hours with the BeatBuddy MINI than they have in weeks of practice.”

    Brev Sullivan
    Brev Sullivan Instructor, School of Rock

Become Better

Improve your timing, broaden your musical horizons, and take your improvisation to new heights with your go-to drummer.
Whether you want to play Carnegie Hall or jam at home after school, the Mini is the tool to master the nuance of rhythm.

The sound of real drums makes your music awesome Annoying “bleep bloop” sound ruins your music
Teaches the nuance of rhythm in any style Counts to four
Visually animates the beat in the measure Not good for visual learners
Inspires improvisation through hands-free control of the beat Inspiration not included
Encourages experimentation with new genres This is getting embarrasing
  • “The BeatBuddy MINI is so much fun because you can tell your drummer what to do!”

    Camilo Velandia
    Camilo Velandia Guitarist for Enrique Iglesias & J.Lo

Explore a World of Rhythm

Click the HotSpots to
Explore The BeatBuddy



The moving line shows which beat is currently playing in the measure. (A 3/4 beat will have three lines, a 4/4 beat will have four lines, etc.) This gives you the context to know exactly when that fill is going to end.


Easily select genres, songs, or tempo.

Working The Pedal

Single Tap

Start Song

Hold Down

Begin Transition

Double Tap

End Song

  • “With the BeatBuddy MINI, our students feel like rockstars. And now they’re sounding like rockstars, too.”

    Kirk Green
    Kirk Green Grammy-Nominated Artist


  • Live hands-free control of the beat
  • No programming necessary
  • Visual Metronome
  • Use with guitar, piano, harmonica, or any electric or acoustic instrument



  • 9 drum sets
  • 24 genres
  • 120+ styles
  • All time signatures



  • High-quality 16-bit sound
  • Non-quantized (feels human, not mechanical)
  • Beats are recordings of professional drummers
  • Use with any sound system, including headphones

  • “The passion and creativity the BeatBuddy MINI brings out in students is inspiring.”

    Minerva Owen
    Minerva Owen Vocal Coach, The Voice

Side Effects

May Include

  • Starting a band
  • Mastering your instrument
  • Winning a Grammy
  • Actually thanking your mom
  • Getting accepted into Carnegie Hall
  • Becoming idolized as a ROCK GOD
  • “Seeing students experiment with all the genres on the BeatBuddy MINI makes me excited for the next generation of musicians. Those who grow up with this tool are going to blow us out of the water.”

    Chad Bernstein
    Chad Bernstein Musical Director, Universal Records

It’s All

There are three great decisions a person makes in life:

  1. What instrument to play
  2. Whether to go pro
  3. When to buy a BeatBuddy MINI

Make the right call.