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Premium Library SD Card: The 2019 Collection

BeatBuddy Premium Library SD Card

Premium Library SD Card: The 2019 Collection

$467.97 $199.97

In Stock – FREE delivery in 5 days if you order before 5:00PM EST (U.S. Only)

Never worry about not having the right sound. 790+ songs, 20 drum sets and 30+ genres ensure you’ll always be accompanied by the perfect drums

Save big on our premium content with nearly 60% off the total value of $467, and that’s mentioning nothing of the free updates until the end of 2019.

Includes beats to play songs from legendary artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Santana, and many more

Load your drums 57% faster with an upgraded SD card class

Product Description

You asked for it, and we (finally) did it: We preloaded the entire BeatBuddy Premium Library on an SD card so that you can just insert it and tap into the BeatBuddy’s full potential. But we didn’t stop there. We also upgraded to a faster SD card, which will load 57% faster than the original.

Purchasing the complete premium library content package  will save you $268 vs buying the packs individually, but it gets even better. Included with each SD card purchase is a subscription to the latest release of premium library content until the end of 2019. This means you’ll get each new drum set and drum beat released during your first year of ownership. When 2019 ends, purchasers of the Premium Library SD Card will be able to acquire the entire next year of content for just a $49 extension!


• Save $268 when you buy the complete package instead of purchasing the drum sets and beats individually.

• Unlock your BeatBuddy’s full potential without worrying about downloading and exporting the files to your BeatBuddy manually or creating your own beats.

• Included subscription for all premium beats and drum kits released through 2019. (After the first year, you’ll be able to purchase an extension for $49)

• A Speed Class 6 SD card gets you speeds of up to 12.5 MB/s, or 57% faster than the BeatBuddy’s stock SD Card


Included Drum Sets: 
  • Vintage Ludwig Set
  • Standard Pro + Percussion Set
  • World Percussion Set
  • Ballad Set
  • John Bonham Inspired Set
  • Phil Collins Inspired Set
  • Jazz Brushes Set
  • Mallets Set
  • Drum & Bass Set
  • Flamenco Percussion Set
  • All Default Sets
Included Drum Beats:
  • All Default Beats
  • Hand Drums
  • Gig Basics
  • Jazz Brushes
  • Mallets
  • Beat Elements
  • Ballads
  • World Percussion Fusion
  • Cafe Gig – Cajon Essentials
  • Flamenco Vol. 1
  • Flamenco Vol. 2
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 1
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 2
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 3
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 4
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 5
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 6
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 7
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 8
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 9
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 10
  • Most Popular Cover Songs of All Time Vol. 11
  • Hand Drums Mini Pack
  • All in 3/4 Mega Pack
  • Drums with Percussion
  • The Most Popular Christmas Songs by Various Artists
  • Gig Essentials – Swung & Shuffle Beats
  • 3-3-2 Mega Pack
  • Swung 3-3-2 Mega Pack
  • Retro Disco
Also Includes Drum Beats in the Style of: 
  • The Beatles
  • The Doors
  • Nirvana
  • The Rolling Stones
  • The Eagles
  • Chris Tomlin
  • AC/DC
  • Black Sabbath
  • Pink Floyd
  • Eric Clapton
  • Led Zeppelin
  • The Police
  • Sting
  • Coldplay
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Soundgarden
  • Metallica
  • Elton John
  • Tom Petty
  • Billy Joel
  • Steely Dan
  • Prince
  • Neil Young
  • Michael Jackson
  • Santana
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Stevie Wonde
  • Guns N’ Roses
  • U2
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Black Sabbath

Produced by Goran Rista, Production Studio Goran Grooves.

Singular Sound
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Dennis Matthew Gray
Dennis Matthew Gray
I’m impressed by the fast and personal (actually personal from Anthony) reply to a question I had. This is rare in digital commerce. I will recommend Singular Sound’s Cabli to all my cable weary friends.
Marcos León
Marcos León
when they will put in pause mode (black screen) you see the tempo if they do that would be the perfect pedal
Dimitris Avgerinos
Dimitris Avgerinos
Hello everyone… i’d like to say from my experience that i had great support and response from Singular Sound . Great product from great people. Thanks Jay… keep rockin’
Dan Hartman
Dan Hartman
so I was having trouble loading new content .reached out to these guys .they called me back fixed the problem and showed me what I needed to know .thanks guys .exitced to see the looper
Joe Valente
Joe Valente
I bought mine during the Kickstarter campaign, and, have never regretted it — not the pedal, not dealing with this company. Great people, great products, and there is nothing better than showing up to a gig with a drummer who doesn’t drink, doesn’t swear, and never tries to hump the venue owner’s girlfriend’s leg (true story). And he shows up when you do, never asks you to slog his gear, and always does EXACTLY what you tell him to do. Mine has seen my duo through over 150 shows in the last three years.
George Skoumpros
George Skoumpros
It’s the most practical drum machine for gigging musicians in the market. The sounds are amazing, the beats are well played and not quantized. The features are great and the pedal itself is solid. I purchased the premium card but also use the midi editor to edit and change some of the standard beats. Easy to use, both the pedal and the software. Congrats to singular sound, and hope you keep on adding songs and drum beats. Thanks!
Michel Bérubé
Michel Bérubé
Best Toy, it’s a real Drummer, Do not hesitate. And it’s my Best Buddy now!
Nikos Alexakis
Nikos Alexakis
What a great team! Amazing service, I got my BB replaced in no time, can’t thank J enough. Keep up the good work and the pedal goodies coming!
Johan Estrada
Johan Estrada
Amazing! Beatbuddy es la mejor herramienta que he tenido! Sonido real! Intuitivo! Los mejores!
Mordy Kramer
Mordy Kramer
best music tech company ever. brilliant products, excellent quality and top notch customer service
Antonie Botha
Antonie Botha
Great drum pedal and versatility!
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Hernandez
The Beatbuddy is a amazing tool for practice and live performances. Singular Sound keeps their product updated and really listens to their customer base about what they should fix or improve. They provide great customer service as well. Great people, great idea and great products.
Jose Morales
Jose Morales
excelent drum Machine pedal
Victor Tarassov
Victor Tarassov
I originally purchased one of the Beat Buddies b/4 they came out and was disappointed with the original release. However I’ve been hearing good things on the Beat Buddy on FB and You Tube and thought I should give it another try. Man am I glad I did. The sounds, functionality, ease of use/navigation, color tempo screen, additional content (Cajon & Flamenco) are wonderful. Thanks Singular Sound. It worked for 30min now it’s not working right. It looks like if you run two Tip Ring Left and right out to a TRS Cable for a stereo input the pedal dose not work right causing the cymbals to latch to tempo. The fix was just run two TR cables separate out to the mixer.
Josiah Garrett
Josiah Garrett
The Beat Buddy has completely transformed my practice routine and my creative process! As a content creator, I love having immediate access to all these great drum sounds. I use to waste 15, 20 minutes building a drum beat in a DAW for my videos, lessons, and general practice. But now all i have to do is turn on the Beat Buddy 😀 10/10
Antonio Morejon
Antonio Morejon
I just got my Best Buddy mini and the foot switch and I love them. I have been a performer since the 70’s under the stage name or Tony More and I wish that I had this great device.
Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle
Best purchase I’ve made in years…..and I OWN a music store! (And no, we don’t sell BBs)
Samuel Jie
Samuel Jie
The best drum machine. I like it
Argo Mar
Argo Mar
Fantastic tool. jam, creative, improvement, duets
Michel Bérubé
Michel Bérubé
I play guitar since 40 Years and I just discover the Beat Buddy Mini, WOW! Now i am not alone. Thank you!
David Markovich
David Markovich
Solid team behind this company – I can see why they’ve been nothing but a sucess.
Scott Thibeault
Scott Thibeault
Just started using The BeatBuddy Mini..such a great tool..love it ! I was asked to post some of my tunes on this site..but I can’t find a place to post them..help..sending peace to all!
Butch Adkins
Butch Adkins
As a schooled drummer I’ve always used a metronome. Now that I’m studying bass, this is perfect for practice and just having fun !!! Impressed the whole family !!! Love it 🙂
Geri Blount
Geri Blount
I have had my BeatBuddy just a few weeks and I can tell you as a musician, singer songwriter, and a woman who is not technically savvy…who has tried just about every drum machine or drum gadget out there this is absolutely the best! When I first saw BB of course I was skeptical and the price kept me away. However, after ordering and returning other cheaper and not so user-friendly products that sounded like tin cans I finally bit the bullet and ordered my BeatBuddy. Like anything else you have to be dedicated and learn the process which I am still learning. Singular Sound has excellent customer service and the BeatBuddy Forum is a wonderful community of folks who are happy to help. After performing in bands since the 1990’s I went solo three years ago. Since I prefer live music and don’t use background tracks I use my harmonizer and “BB” which has now taken my performances to another level. Like Linda Ronstadt sang “you and I dance to the beat of a different drum”…I’ve got my DIB (drummer in a box)! I love you “BB”!
Tony DeVito
Tony DeVito
Changed my mind. Turns out the used one I bought on guitar center was bad, I wish I hadn’t wasted hours and 3 different SD cards on it. Just took this out of the box and it sounds fantastic.I wish I could mess with it all day, but it’s too late to call in sick to work now.Our drummer can spend all the “quality time with his wife and kids” he wants now.
Philip Miskelly
Philip Miskelly
Can’t understand why all the main music shops in the UK don”t stock this product, it”s a revelation.Mind you I suppose their drum sales would suffer!
Damian Garra
Damian Garra
Un gran compañero para improvisar y loopear. Muy completo y versátil.
Wayne Dean
Wayne Dean
I use mine to record and i love it and i use it every day
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts
I play in a band, but at least 6 times a year or so i get booked to play a private birthday party or something alone. I always dreaded these gigs because 1 man and 1 acoustic guitar…. I sweated sometimes to finish the night. With the beat buddy everything is different! I have lots of beats with bass, some are one push, and some are fully improvisationally set up… the sky is the limit! I play almost anything.. acoustic, electric, … like so many say, GAME CHANGER!Thanks!
Виктор Герасимов
Виктор Герасимов
Информативная страница, актуальная информация о продукции компании, обновления ПО.
Myson Webster
Myson Webster
I love my Beat Buddy. Just sounds so good and I’m only playing with the installed songs-I’ve not even tried the software/arranger yet. However, I had a Digitech FX3 switch pedal. Three buttons really help. It does even more than two buttons-it’s one higher, innit?!
Tyson Howard
Tyson Howard
An amazing practice tool. As a bonus, it won’t drink all your beer or have your studio smelling like feet.
Marco Russo
Marco Russo
My musician life has changed with BeatBuddy ����
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens
Amazing product with realistic drum sounds! A must have for any musician! Makes playing the guitar more fun!
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What’s the difference between “songs”, “drum kits”, “drum sets”, “styles”, and “beats”?

The term song refers to the multiple verses, transition beats, fills, etc. that you control. We chose this term because each song is made up of several individual beats. Sometimes you’ll hear other people (or us!) referring to songs as “styles” or “beats”, and most people know what you mean by that, but the official term is “song.” “Drum kits” and “drum sets” both refer to the collection of drum samples used when playing a song.

Can I record my album with it?  Do I need to pay any royalties?

Feel free to use the BeatBuddy’s Premium Library Content in any which way you like! Use it for recording an album, use it live, use it to create music that you sell, anything you want — except for selling the beats themselves. It is all royalty-free, you don’t have to pay us a dime. We would appreciate it though if you listed us as your drummer in your album credits, though.  🙂

How do the free updates work?

After placing your order, you’ll be given a link at which you can download the latest content for your BeatBuddy. Each month, we’ll send you an email detailing what new content has been added that you now have access to. When it comes time to add that new content, you’ll be able to simply download the file from that link and extract it onto your SD card. No need to use the BeatBuddy Manager software, it’s as simple as drag and drop. You’ll continue to receive free updates until January 1st, 2020, at which point you’ll be able to order an extension for $49 which unlocks the next year of content.