Now the BeatBuddy is more realistic than ever!

You are now able to practice with a drummer of varying levels of sobriety

Download the new firmware for your BeatBuddy

We're always working on exciting new updates for the BeatBuddy
We're proud to announce our latest creation, the Sobriety Function

Dial the setting from sober to tipsy to drunk and... if you dare! all the way to wasted
(Singular Sound cannot be held responsible for bar fights started by your belligerent BeatBuddy)

But that's not all!

Download this free update to get even more exciting features, such as:

Hands Free Control

Hands-free folder navigation
(requires footswitch)
Count In Metronome

A visual metronome count in before a song
Extensive MIDI Controls

Extensive new MIDI controls
Download the new firmware for your BeatBuddy

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