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Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to make all musicians greater by empowering them to express their unique sound.

Founded in 2012, Singular Sound is the originator of the BeatBuddy pedal-controlled drum machines: tools to enable hands-free command of the world’s most authentic beats, while playing and performing with any musical instrument.

The BeatBuddy received every major recognition in the musical instrument industry, including Guitar World’s Platinum Award for Excellence, induction into Guitar Player’s Hall of Fame, and the industry’s highest honor by the National Association of Music Merchants.

Cool Facts


  • The BeatBuddy started as a crowdfunded idea.
  • The campaign surpassed its goal in the first 24 hours and became the most successful music accessory crowdfunding campaign in history.
  • The BeatBuddy is the most-awarded music accessory of the last decade.
  • The BeatBuddy MINI is being used by schools like Berklee College, The Frost School of Music, and School of Rock to teach and engage music students.
  • The BeatBuddy and BeatBuddy MINI have both held best-seller status across all major retail outlets, since its official 2014 release.
  • The majority of drum machines sold since 2014 were BeatBuddy pedals.
  • We receive fan mail on the daily. (Send us some here!)


Design inspired by our mission

In case you missed the letter we sent to our community (sign-up for updates) here it is:

Dear Rockers,

3am. Coffee is running low. It’s taken the entire journey to come to this point. Singular Sound has a simple mission: to make all musicians greater by empowering them to express their unique sound. But there’s still no simple icon to represent what drives us. In life, as in music, sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to express.

4am. No more coffee. Browsing our social posts. Reading the forum. Seeing your videos. You inspire us! It’s about you, the sweat and blood of your journey as a musician.

What musicians do is reach into the depths of their heart to find what’s unique to them — and they find what’s unique to all of us. That’s why music is the universal language. It’s our greatest honor to empower you to express yourself. After all, you speak our language.

6am. Sketches complete. Emergency calls. No one on our team is sleeping. It’s a new era.

This logo inspires us to continue innovating. We hope this logo inspires you to find your Singular Sound.


Your Singular Sound Team

P.S. 2pm. We did it 🙂