While Singular Sound was officially founded in 2012, the idea that would put us on the map as one of the music industry’s most innovative music accessory companies came much earlier…

Going all the way back to 2008, the economy sucked, and like many, our Founder, David Packouz, turned to music to get through the tough times.

“I turned to music, which helps when things get tough. It’d be 3 AM and I’d be working on a song, but it felt empty.”

The songs needed a beat, but drummers weren’t around, and all of the drum machines he tried were soulless. Plus, they required you to use your hands to operate, something you can’t do while playing guitar. That’s when the idea for the BeatBuddy first dawned on him. He turned to his brother, Eli Packouz, who’s now our COO, and together began on R&D for the pedal controlled drum machine.

Three years later and the first prototype of the BeatBuddy was born.

BeatBuddy Drummer Pedal Design and Blueprints
BeatBuddy Prototype Drum Machine in a Guitar Pedal

But, with so much time and money spent on R&D little was left to put it into production, so we turned to crowdfunding. Within 20 minutes of launching our crowdfunding campaign we had $20,000 in pledges. By our campaign’s end we were the most funded music accessory in crowdfunding history!

On top of that, when we got the BeatBuddy into people’s hands it quickly became the most awarded music accessory of the decade as well!

BeatBuddy Guitar Player Hall of Fame Award
BeatBuddy VIntage Guitar Approved Gear Award
BeatBuddy Guitar World Platinum Award of Excellence
BeatBuddy NAMM Best in Show Award

Fast forward a few years and the BeatBuddy as well as the smaller BeatBuddy MINI 2 are loved by musicians of all backgrounds. Visit prestigious music schools like Berklee College, Frost School of Music, and School of Rock and you’ll find the MINI 2 used to teach and engage music students. Head out to your local music hot spots and you’ll find artists using the BeatBuddy to add realistic sounding drums to their live performances and recordings too!

But we didn’t just set out to make the best drum machine. Our mission is to make all musicians greater by empowering them to express their unique sound. Which is exactly why we’re looking to bring our passion for innovation to other music gear and equipment.

To everyone who’s supported us on our first leg of this mission, we’re honored by your support and thank you. But we’re just getting started. Which is exactly why you should keep an ear out. Our next product might just blow your mind.

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