Aeros Loop Studio

6 Track, Stereo Looper Pedal with Touch Enabled Screen, Hands Free Mixing, and Simultaneous Parallel and Sequential Looping

Aeros Loop Studio

6 Track, Stereo Looper Pedal with Touch Enabled Screen, Hands Free Mixing, and Simultaneous Parallel and Sequential Looping



VAT not included in price

Your Aeros Loop Studio comes with Free Shipping, 2 Year Warranty, Firmware Development through 2023, Lifetime Support, and a 60-day Money Back Guarantee

The Aeros Loop Studio includes 3 hours of mono recording time (1.5 stereo), upgradeable to 48 hours when using SD card

Our looper pedal includes 2 x 1/4″ (6.35mm) inputs, 2 x 1/4″ (6.35mm) outputs, expression pedal support, MIDI in/out, 1/4″ (6.35mm) stereo aux input, and 1/4″ (6.35mm) stereo aux output.

Built in wifi and bluetooth for over the air updates, the Aeros Loop Studio offers a revolutionary looping experience

meet the aeros loop studio

Product Description

Featuring the ability to create 36 unique loops per song, the Aeros Loop Studio goes beyond what’s expected of a looper pedal. Add unlimited overdubs for each loop, and record up to 48 hours (when using an SD card).

Blurring the lines between traditional loopers and audio workstations, the Aeros Loop Studio allows you to mix your tracks live during a performance using the built-in scroll wheel, and gives the ability to save and export songs. This will let you share your best loops with your fans.

With its 4.3″ touch-enabled screen and color coded cues and waveforms, the Aeros looper will never leave you wondering where you are in the loop.

Additionally, the Aeros Loop Studio packs tons of power into a small form factor. Coming in at just 7.8″ x 5.6″ (198 x 142 mm), the Aeros lets you add a 6 track, stereo looper to any pedalboard.

Of course, we had to make the Aeros fully compatible with our drummer pedal: The BeatBuddy. Using the two together is a plug and play experience.

Our new looper also features bluetooth and wifi, enabling us to add exciting new features with over the air updates. Simply put, there’s no other pedal that can match the Aeros Loop Studio.


Quantize your tracks in any time signature or play in freeform mode.

6 parallel tracks and 6 song parts for a total of 36 distinct loops per song and in an industry first, but also, simultaneous parallel and sequential looping.

Unlimited overdubs enable you to create layers and depth in your loops without worrying about restrictions.

Save your loops with the USB port or an SD card.

3 hours mono, 1.5 hours stereo recording time (20 minutes per song) using internal storage and up to 48 hours storage when using an SD card.

32-bit floating point processing, 24-bit recording, professional DACs, <3ms latency, and 20hz – 20kHz range for studio quality recordings.

Digital dry through bypass.

In addition, wifi compatibility for over the air updates and exciting, yet to be announced features.

Bluetooth for reasons.

Four built-in footswitches with our comfort+ switch tops (perfect for playing barefoot or in socks).

There is a built-in scroll wheel for hands-free mixing during a performance.

MIDI in/out ports for syncing seamlessly with the BeatBuddy, other drum machines, effects, and more.

Additionally, it is compatible with any external expression pedal.

I/O: two 1/4″ (6.35 mm) inputs, two 1/4″ (6.35 mm) outputs, one 1/4″ (6.35 mm) stereo aux input, one 1/4″ (6.35 mm) stereo aux output.

9v (center negative), 360mA power supply included.

4.3″ (109 mm) touch-enabled display.

Small form factor: 7.8″ x 5.6″ x 2.2″ (198 x 142 x 56 mm).

Lightweight: 2lbs 4oz (936 g).

Aluminum construction with chip resistant black coating.  

Requires Male to Male MIDI Cable for connecting to the MIDI Maestro and Male to Male MIDI Cable as well as MIDI Breakout Cable for connecting to the BeatBuddy

Aeros vs Other Looper Pedals


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Aeros Looper uses a color coding system for loops and cues. This helps to give you the most visual feedback at a glance.

Red means recording, green is the track/overdub which is currently selected and playing, blue is a track that’s playing but not currently selected, and yellow is an overdub that’s being recorded.

The looper’s included scroll wheel will control master volume while playing a song, but if you hold down the song part button (left) you’ll enter mixer mode. In this mode you can switch between tracks with the looper’s built in comfort+ buttons and control their volume using the scroll wheel as well.

When looping, traditionally there have been 2 main modes that looper pedals operated. Parallel mode let you record multiple tracks that play on top of each other, while sequential let you record multiple tracks which play one after another.

The Aeros Loop Studio allows you to do both simultaneously by enabling you to use 6 tracks (parallel looping) in 6 song parts (sequential looping). This results in a total of 36 unique loops!

Perhaps best of all, you can mute any of the tracks and go to song parts out of order, all with just your foot.

Nope! Each track can be a different length.

The looper will automatically sync them to the measure. This means you could lay down a 2 bar bass track, then come on top with a 4 bar rhythm guitar loop before finishing up with an 8 bar lead guitar loop.

You can even combine loops with odd numbered measures and even number measures (a 1 bar swell with a 4 bar bass line). The Aeros will sync them together seamlessly.

The Aeros will let you play in both a quantized and freeform mode.

In the quantized mode it will sync your loops to the measure.

Loops are automatically written in the form of wav files on your pedal’s onboard memory.These songs will retain all of the tracks and song parts that as well as the settings. Hitting ‘Save’ will write the wav files in the song to the selected memory location (Internal/SD).You can name/rename and delete songs, letting you save and catalog your favorite loops for use later during a jam session or show.

The aeros will work with anything that can send signal through a 1/4″ (6.35mm) connector.

When using the Aeros and BeatBuddy together, the BeatBuddy will control the tempo and time signature. Pressing play on the BeatBuddy will start the Aeros, and stopping the BeatBuddy will stop the Aeros. In addition, both pedals will sync song part changes.

The Aeros can store up 3 hours of recorded music in 24 bit format. You can increase this to 48 hours by using an SD card (32 GB max size).  Each song can have up to 20 minutes of recording time. 48 hours is mono 24 bit audio.  Stereo would be 24 hours.

We are building a “Free Sync” Mode for the Aeros, it should be ready at the time the Aeros will be shipped.

Free Sync mode = record loop without any beat or timing, and all loops after that will be multiples of that loop.

The Aeros has two mono inputs and one stereo aux input, so it could be done. However, please note that the aux input recording function will probably be completed in a few months so it might not be ready immediately.


The BeatBuddy will slave to the looper and the looper will slave to the BeatBuddy.

The Aeros can control the BB tempo, start, stop and transition. But not fills, songs selection, settings, etc – we may build that later, but it’s not built yet.


Next Track Button / Song Part Button

The Next Track button is to start another parallel track which will play at the same time as the other tracks.  The song part button will take you to a new section where you can have an additional 6 parallel tracks.

Yes, it is perfect as a desktop looper.  The inputs are unbalanced.

Currently there are no loop effects built in to the Aeros, but it is on our development timeline.

Beat detection is not currently built, however it is on our development timeline.

We do not have a headphones jack out, but you could use the aux out jack as a headphone jack.  However you may need powered headphones in order to get the signal level as high as you would like.

There is Bluetooth, but we have not built that feature yet however it is a good idea and we are looking into it and building it.

The looper has been designed to sync and to lock to and generate a MIDI clock signal, as well as follow and generate start and stop commands. 

Additionally, it will change song parts when it receives a transition command from the BeatBuddy, or if the Aeros is master, tell the BeatBuddy what tempo to play at, when to transition, what part to play, etc

We did design the looper to use the touch screen extensively, including setting up songs, and visual cues of when the recording will start and stop, etc.  The basic recording functions can be done with the footswitches, but the touch screen is necessary to set up songs, choose settings, etc. However we are doing our best to design the menus on the touchscreen to have large buttons to make it as easy to operate as possible.

The aux out right now is so you have the option to send the click track in order to keep it from bothering your bandmates/the crowd/audience rather than out the main outputs. The aux in is planned to be used as an additional port to record backing tracks into the looper.

Yes you can sync as many Aeros together as you want.

For parallel tracks you press the next track button. For sequential you press the song part button, though with 6×6 mode you will need to press the record button after you press the song part button to select the next song part. The currently recording track will be saved automatically without having to press play on it.

It is on our development timeline.  Not available at the present time.

Yes, the Aeros can have up to 6 parallel tracks, each with a different length. You can plug a guitar into the left input and put the left output to your guitar amp and put the bass into the right input and put the right output to your bass amp.