BeatBuddy MINI

The BeatBuddy MINI is a drummer in a guitar pedal, always ready when you are. Control the beat live while you play your instrument. It’s the tool every music student needs.

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• Live hands-free control of the beat
• No programming necessary
• Visual Metronome
• Use with guitar, piano, harmonica, or any electric or acoustic instrument

• 120+ styles
• 24 genres
• All time signatures

• High-quality 16-bit sound
• Non-quantized (feels human, not mechanical)
• Beats are recordings of professional drummers
• Use with any sound system, including headphones


Is the BeatBuddy MINI meant for fun or for practice?

Both. The MINI makes practice more effective and then lets students have fun improvising on their own. When you have fun, you’re more likely to practice. And when the practice shows results, you’re more likely to have fun.

Isn’t that tricking students into good habits?

Shhhhh… You’ll ruin it.

Is the BeatBuddy MINI only meant for students? Can seasoned musicians use it?

Anyone who could get better could use a BeatBuddy MINI. So everyone. Whether it’s for practice or for jamming in your basement, the controls are simple to use. You only need three actions: tap, double-tap, and hold.

What do you mean by a “song”?

A “song” is composed of multiple beat verses, transitions, fills, etc., that you can control.

Is the BeatBuddy MINI only for guitarists?

The MINI is a tool that is as fundamental for musicians as timing is to their music. Any instrumentalist can use the BeatBuddy, such as pianists, cellists, vocalists, and violinists. It works equally with electric or acoustic players.


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Customer Reviews

What musicians are saying


Great learning tool. Easy to use.


Many different musical genres. Much better for practice than a basic metronome. Ive been playing guitar over 30 years and I find this pedal very helpful. Anybody who complains about his pedal has got to realize, it’s a hundred bucks folks and I think for that price it packs a lot of bang for your buck. If you want more then go spend $ on a drum machine 🙂

Rock n Roll!

by: Steve

This pedal is just great


This pedal is just great for what I’m using it for don’t know how I got along with out it if any thing happens to it i’ll have to get a new one i’ll be lost with out it

by: Bob

The beat buddy is a fantastic little machine!


Right out of the box we were jamming to amazing live drummer sound! With so many kits, and genres of music to choose from, it won’t take you long to find “that” sound you’re looking for! Love love love! Truly a must-have for any bass player in my opinion! I’ve had so much fun with it, that even the other fellows in the band have noticed my playing has improved!! I owe it to the hours of fun I have jamming alone with just myself and my beat buddy! A definite two thumbs up! And amazingly, it’s priced so that almost every musician can afford one !

by: Mike T

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