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BeatBuddy - The Only Drum Machine that Sounds Human & is Easy to Use

BeatBuddy Drummer Pedal with Packaging

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BeatBuddy - The Only Drum Machine that Sounds Human & is Easy to Use

$349.00 $299.00

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2 Year Warranty, Lifetime Support

Control intros, outros, fills, transitions, verse, and chorus sections using only your foot.

Studio quality, 24-bit samples and non-quantized, multiple velocity playback results in a human sound.

Over 200 songs, 24 genres, and 10 drum sets out the box, with room for up to 3.2 million more songs.


Demo and Review

Product Description

The BeatBuddy is a drum machine in a stompbox, or a drummer pedal for short. We’ve meticulously recorded professional drummers and paired their samples with an algorithm that results in the best sounding drum machine you’ve ever heard.

In addition to being the most realistic drum machine on the market, it’s also the easiest drum machine to use. There’s no fussing around with sequencers and controlling the beat during a live performance is as easy as stomping on the pedal to add fills, transitions, and outros.


• Studio-quality 24-bit sound with true stereo audio
• 220+ styles, 24 diverse genres, and 10 unique drum sets
• No programming necessary for live, hands-free control of the beat
Works with any sound system and any instrument
Unleash the full potential with room for up to 300 drum sets and 3 million songs

Hear the Award Winning Sound


  • Press the pedal to start the beat using an intro fill, count in, or immediate start.
  • Add a fill by pressing the pedal at any point during a song.
  • Press and hold the pedal to transition to a song’s next part (verse to chorus).
  • Double tap the pedal to end the song with an outro fill.
  • Use the built in visual metronome to keep on the beat.

Included Content:

Additional Content:

  • Add up to 3 million songs
  • Add up to 300 drum sets
  • Download from the Premium Library
  • Create with free software
  • Share on the forum

Sound Quality:

  • Studio-grade 24-bit sound
  • Award-winning samples
  • True stereo
  • Non-quantized (feels human, not mechanical)
  • Recordings of professional drummers
  • Use with any sound system including headphones.

Included in the Box:

  • BeatBuddy
  • SD card with included content
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter

Optional Accessories:

Singular Sound
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Donald Waugh
Donald Waugh
I own the Singular Sound BeatBuddy, I have been using for about five months and love it very much. I am still learning a ton of cool tricks by incorporating my looper pedal and their free computer software. It’s a great product… highly recommended.
Joshua Riley
Joshua Riley
I bought their beatbuddy drum machine. It’s dope af. That is all.
Tony Boyd
Tony Boyd
I’ve had a Beatbuddy since 2015 and have been very happy with not only the product, but also the excellent support from Singular Sound when I recently had some issues
Glenn Eads
Glenn Eads
I just received my Cabli products a few days ago … and WOW !!! they work awesome, ordered 8 more, what a great idea. I waited 6 months for them and Singular Sound was amazing … kept me informed on the production and as soon as they came available they sent them out.Great group of people … 😀😁
Dennis Matthew Gray
Dennis Matthew Gray
I’m impressed by the fast and personal (actually personal from Anthony) reply to a question I had. This is rare in digital commerce. I will recommend Singular Sound’s Cabli to all my cable weary friends.
Marcos León
Marcos León
when they will put in pause mode (black screen) you see the tempo if they do that would be the perfect pedal
Dimitris Avgerinos
Dimitris Avgerinos
Hello everyone… i’d like to say from my experience that i had great support and response from Singular Sound . Great product from great people. Thanks Jay… keep rockin’
Dan Hartman
Dan Hartman
so I was having trouble loading new content .reached out to these guys .they called me back fixed the problem and showed me what I needed to know .thanks guys .exitced to see the looper
Joe Valente
Joe Valente
I bought mine during the Kickstarter campaign, and, have never regretted it — not the pedal, not dealing with this company. Great people, great products, and there is nothing better than showing up to a gig with a drummer who doesn’t drink, doesn’t swear, and never tries to hump the venue owner’s girlfriend’s leg (true story). And he shows up when you do, never asks you to slog his gear, and always does EXACTLY what you tell him to do. Mine has seen my duo through over 150 shows in the last three years.
George Skoumpros
George Skoumpros
It’s the most practical drum machine for gigging musicians in the market. The sounds are amazing, the beats are well played and not quantized. The features are great and the pedal itself is solid. I purchased the premium card but also use the midi editor to edit and change some of the standard beats. Easy to use, both the pedal and the software. Congrats to singular sound, and hope you keep on adding songs and drum beats. Thanks!
Michel Bérubé
Michel Bérubé
Best Toy, it’s a real Drummer, Do not hesitate. And it’s my Best Buddy now!
Nikos Alexakis
Nikos Alexakis
What a great team! Amazing service, I got my BB replaced in no time, can’t thank J enough. Keep up the good work and the pedal goodies coming!
Johan Estrada
Johan Estrada
Amazing! Beatbuddy es la mejor herramienta que he tenido! Sonido real! Intuitivo! Los mejores!
Mordy Kramer
Mordy Kramer
best music tech company ever. brilliant products, excellent quality and top notch customer service
Antonie Botha
Antonie Botha
Great drum pedal and versatility!
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Hernandez
The Beatbuddy is a amazing tool for practice and live performances. Singular Sound keeps their product updated and really listens to their customer base about what they should fix or improve. They provide great customer service as well. Great people, great idea and great products.
Jose Morales
Jose Morales
excelent drum Machine pedal
Josiah Garrett
Josiah Garrett
The Beat Buddy has completely transformed my practice routine and my creative process! As a content creator, I love having immediate access to all these great drum sounds. I use to waste 15, 20 minutes building a drum beat in a DAW for my videos, lessons, and general practice. But now all i have to do is turn on the Beat Buddy 😀 10/10
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What is a drummer pedal?

The BeatBuddy and BeatBuddy MINI 2 are described with many different terms, including “drum machine pedal”, “beat pedal”, and “drumbeat pedal”, but here at singular sound we like to call them “drummer pedals”. We chose the term “drummer pedal” because the BeatBuddy and BeatBuddy MINI 2 are more than just drum machines with fills, they’re your own personal drummer in a pedal. 🙂

How did you get the BeatBuddy to sound so realistic?

A lot of work went into ensuring that the BeatBuddy was the most realistic sounding drum machine on the market. The very first thing we made sure to do is go straight to the source. Instead of relying on samples from 3rd parties, we recorded professional drummers for our own samples.

We did this because we’re able to utilize multiple velocity playback as a result. See, most drum machines utilize just one sample for each sound, using volume to increase or decrease that single sample. But drums are dynamic and the overtones and attack vary between hits at different velocities. In order to accurately recreate this we had to record samples ourselves. We took the time to record a multitude of velocities, which allows the BeatBuddy to not just play a sample turned down or up, but to play different samples depending on the volume.

But multiple velocity playback isn’t the only factor. We also needed to ensure the BeatBuddy wouldn’t sound robotic, and this was accomplished through non-quantized playback. Quantization is the process of aligning notes perfectly on the beat, and by playing back without quantization, we’re able to more closely recreate the subtle nuances in a rhythm.

The end result is a drum machine that doesn’t just sound amazing, it plays amazing.

What’s the difference between the BeatBuddy and BeatBuddy MINI 2?

Both the BeatBuddy and BeatBuddy MINI 2 offer the same core functionality and default content. There are however 3 key differences. First, the BeatBuddy MINI 2 can’t load any additional content like the BeatBuddy can.

It also utilizes 16-bit sound vs the BeatBuddy’s 24-bit sound. Finally, there is no MIDI functionality in the BeatBuddy MINI 2.

If you want to perform live, create your own content, download additional content, and have an ear for studio-grade sound quality, there is no drum machine on the market as awesome as the BeatBuddy.

What’s the difference between songs, kits, styles, and beats?

The term song refers to the multiple verses, transition beats, fills, etc. that you control. We chose this term because each song is made up of several individual beats. Sometimes you’ll hear other people (or us!) referring to songs as styles or beats, and most people know what you mean by that, but the official term is song.

What songs/styles can the BeatBuddy play?

Here are all of the default songs on the BeatBuddy.

Can I record my album with it?  Do I need to pay any royalties?

Feel free to use the BeatBuddy in any which way you like! Use it for recording an album, use it live, use it to create music that you sell, anything you want. It is all royalty-free, you don’t have to pay us a dime. We would appreciate it though if you listed us as your drummer in your album credits, though.  🙂

What’s your return policy?

From the date of delivery, you have a full 60 days to try out any of our products. If at any point within that time period you want to return them, email us and we will provide you instructions on where to send it. Once received, we will issue you a full refund on your purchase to the original payment source used.

What’s your warranty and what does it cover?

The warranty is a full two year warranty. This covers any innate manufacturing defects and any other issue that seems to have been caused by a factor outside your control. If there is any issue, we will either repair or replace your unit (at our option) free of charge, as long as the issue being dealt with is within the terms of the warranty and the relevant time span. Technical issues that aren’t covered are ones that are due to obvious negligence, such as connecting the BeatBuddy to too high a voltage of a power supply, dropping it in water, etc. (basically anything that someone with common sense wouldn’t do). 

Click here to register your BeatBuddy’s warranty.

I play acoustic guitar/piano/trumpet/didgeridoo… can I still use the BeatBuddy?

Most definitely! And many users of the BeatBuddy do. You do not need an instrument to be plugged into the BeatBuddy for it to work. The BeatBuddy is incorporated with many performers’ setups, and we continuously receive amazing feedback from them on how much it adds to their performances.

What kind of power supply can I use with the BeatBuddy?

The BeatBuddy and the MINI 2 are compatible with any adapter that meets these specs: 9 volt, center negative, and a minimum of 300 mA. Do NOT use an adapter with higher voltage, otherwise you will fry your BeatBuddy and the warranty does not cover that!

Do you release updates and new features for the BeatBuddy? Where do I get them?

Yes, we do. The frequency varies, but it’s usually once every few months. Every update is in the form of a firmware upgrade which is simply a matter of just placing some files on your SD card and giving it 10 seconds to update. Every update will come with a changelog, and if you are subscribed to our newsletter, you should receive a notification by email once an update is ready.

We plan on making the firmware update process automatic via our free software, so the simple process will be even simpler! 🙂

BeatBuddy vs SDrum

When comparing the BeatBuddy to the SDrum there’s only really one area where the SDrum has an edge: price. The SDrum retails for $199 while the BeatBuddy costs $299. But as you’ll see here, the extra costs is worth it.

The BeatBuddy is better than the SDrum in nearly every category. First and foremost, it enables more live control over the beat than the SDrum, which only allows for the switching of song parts. 

The SDrum is also limited to guitar only, has no built in visual metronome, only 5 drum sets, and can only store 36 songs. The BeatBuddy by contrast comes with 200+ songs, 10 drum sets, and the ability to load up to 3.2 million more songs, and 300+ drum sets. We even provide the free companion software so that you can create your own custom content for your BeatBuddy!

Additionally, the BeatBuddy supports all time signatures while the SDrum only supports 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures. But, it doesn’t end there. The BeatBuddy has full standard MIDI support while the SDrum can only use JamSync to sync up with Digitech loopers only.

BeatBuddy vs BeatBuddy MINI 2

Both the BeatBuddy and BeatBuddy MINI 2 offer the same core functionality and default content. There are however 3 key differences. First, the BeatBuddy MINI 2 can’t load any additional content like the BeatBuddy can.

Second, the MINI 2 utilizes 16-bit sound vs the BeatBuddy’s 24-bit sound. Finally, there is no MIDI functionality in the BeatBuddy MINI 2.

If you want to perform live, create your own content, download additional content, and have an ear for studio-grade sound quality, there is no drum machine on the market as awesome as the BeatBuddy.

Why music schools use the BeatBuddy over backing tracks and metronomes

School of Rock, Taylor Robinson Guitar, and Frost School of Music (University of Miami) use the BeatBuddy instead of backing tracks and metronomes for its ability to help musicians both practice more efficiently and have more fun while doing so!

Practicing with the BeatBuddy feels less like practice and more like a jam session, which means you’ll want to practice more than you ever did with that annoying metronome. Additionally, since you can change song parts, add fills, and more you’ll be able to better practice improvising, something you can’t get from a backing track!