MIDI Maestro: The Only MIDI Foot Controller with Built in Screens a Mobile App for on the Fly Customization

MIDI Maestro: The Only MIDI Foot Controller with Built in Screens and a Mobile App for on the Fly Customization

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BeatBuddy and MIDI Maestro

You've never had this much control over the beat, and it's all with your feet.

This is the only MIDI Footswitch built from the ground up to work with the BeatBuddy. It ships with a BeatBuddy Mode working right out of the box to boost your BeatBuddy with the following abilities:

  1. Hands-free content control! Never bend down during a show to change a song again!
  2. The ability to choose song parts out of order, including going to the past part.
  3. Single BPM tempo adjustment.
  4. Double time.
  5. Half time.
  6. Easy to format expression pedal tempo control.
  7. Live tap tempo.
  8. Expanded accent hit options including clap, snare, tambourine, hi-hat, and kick.
  9. Single-press stop.

Aeros Loop Studio and MIDI Maestro

Experience full control over your live sound. This is the best MIDI Controller for live song and loop creation.

The MIDI Maestro also features an Aeros Loop Studio mode. It works right out of the box to boost your Aeros Loop Studio with these abilities:

  1. Hands-free song control.
  2. Single-press track muting/unmuting.
  3. One-press undo/redo.
  4. Single-touch new song part recording.
  5. One-touch new track recording.
  6. Mute/unmute any track (not selection specific).
  7. Play song parts out of order.

MIDI Maestro and Your Gear

The MIDI Maestro puts the full power of MIDI into a package that’s easy for anyone to use. It’s the first MIDI Pedal controller that lets musicians skip on reading lengthy MIDI manuals and just jump right into playing. On top of being easy to use, it has great depth for those willing to explore its features.

With preset in app commands, easy customization, and presets for popular gear, the MIDI Maestro is the premier choice in MIDI Footswitches. Further, there’s no stress about pressing the wrong button thanks to the built in displays. In addition, with 10 active pages per preset, and the ability to send up to six MIDI commands in a single press, you won’t find yourself limited.

midi maestro Features

A customizable high visibility screen for each button so you’ll never have to fuss with tape and marker again

Included presets for your favorite Singular Sound gear like the BeatBuddy and Aeros and a custom preset for any MIDI Devices you can imagine

Mobile app makes it easier than ever to set up MIDI enabled devices with built in commands for popular gear

Dynamic page system that results in more power at your foot without increasing the pedal’s footprint.

Ability to Daisy chain MIDI Maestro’s together for unlimited control

8.375″ x 5.75″ x 1.875″.

1 lb 12 oz.

Anodized Aluminum.

Easy to press, barefoot ready buttons.

Expression pedal + extension pedal ports.

5 pin MIDI IN/OUT ports.

Strong metal housing.

Buttons send up to six MIDI orders with one press, and can innately send you to other pages.

10 active pages per preset.

3 presets that can be switched quickly using a small “mode” button on the back, no app needed.

Requires Male to Male MIDI Cable for connecting to the Aeros Loop Studio and Male to Male MIDI Cable as well as MIDI Breakout Cable for connecting to the BeatBuddy

I don’t get it, What’s MIDI?

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is the universal tongue of musical devices. If you want to tell your looper to start recording, your reverb to deepen, and time your delay effect to the beat — all with the press of one button — that’s MIDI. (Disclaimer: there’s a lot more to MIDI than this. The Musical Speech goes deep, my friend.)

MIDI has been famously hard to program …until now. The MIDI Maestro™ makes customizing your commands as easy as playing three power chords and calling it a song.

When will the MIDI Maestro be released?

Production is complete and the app is out there, we’re in the closed testing phase of the iOS app, as well as, waiting for shipments to arrive in our warehouses. MIDI Maestros should begin shipping January 2020. 🙂

Will the MIDI Maestro work as a MIDI Interface?

While not originally designed as a MIDI Interface, we do plan to include this functionality in the future.

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