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What is your return policy?

We offer an industry-leading 60 day money back guarantee.

From the date of delivery, you have a full 60 days to try out any of our products. If at any point within that time period you want to return them, email us and we will provide you instructions on where to send it.

Once received, we will issue you a full refund on your purchase to the original payment source used.

How long is your warranty and what does it cover?

We offer a full 2 year warranty on all hardware products.This covers any innate manufacturing defects and any other issue that seems to have been caused by a factor outside your control.

If there is any issue, we will either repair or replace your unit (at our option) free of charge, as long as the issue being dealt with is within the terms of the warranty and the relevant time span.

Technical issues that aren’t covered are ones that are due to obvious negligence, such as connecting the BeatBuddy to too high a voltage of a power supply, or bathing with your BeatBuddy (probably dangerous for your health anyway).

How long will my order take to arrive?

We maintain 5 warehouses across the globe which combined with fast shipping choices like USPS Priority mail, result in a speedy delivery to nearly any location.

Orders to the U.S. are expected to arrive within 4 days while international orders may take a bit longer, but should arrive quickly nonetheless.

Note regarding SD Cards: Orders which contain both a Premium Library SD Card and another product will ship in two packages.