Latest BeatBuddy Firmware

Firmware 2.0.4

We’re constantly improving the BeatBuddy with FREE firmware updates! To check if you have  the latest firmware, press the Tempo and Drum Set knobs at the same time and select ‘About BeatBuddy’.

BeatBuddy Manager

Load New Content

Import your own MIDI and .wav files to create your own songs and drum sets! Load new content from the Forum and Library on your BeatBuddy!

BeatBuddy QuickStart Guide

An Overview

The basics toknowbefore using your BeatBuddy


BeatBuddy Mini QuickStart Guide

An Overview

The basics to know before using your BeatBuddy Mini

MIDI Manual


Read our MIDI Manual to understand how the BeatBuddy interacts with MID

BeatBuddy Manual


Get the most out of your BeatBuddy. It’s as advanced as you want it to be.

SD Card Backup

Lost SD Card?

Download this file, it contains all of the content that came with your BeatBuddy

MIDI Loop Library

The Entire Collection

Every MIDI loop beat used in the BeatBuddy’s Default Content

BeatBuddy Drum Maker

Software Manual v1.0

Make drum sets using the BeatBuddy Manager Software

Accent Hit Library

Curated List

All accent hit sounds in the BeatBuddy’s Default Content